Michał Wojciechowski is passionate about sports, which translates into his entire life - he is a personal trainer, fitness instructor and strength instructor, as well as a kettlebell instructor. He still cares for the development of his knowledge by participating in training in functional training, crossfit, bodyweight & flexible training, Olympic biathlon and gymnastics.
As he says about himself:
For several years I trained athletics and represented the club nationwide. I gained my knowledge while studying at AWF Poznań. I was a professional soldier for almost 3 years. During the professional service, I conducted classes based on crossfit, which prepared soldiers for the annual physical education exam. I currently work in fitness clubs as a personal trainer, where I infect my passion and help all those who lack motivation. In addition, I regularly take part in crossfit competitions so that training and sport can be seen from every side - also as a player. I care about constant development, gaining knowledge and experience, which is why I am constantly looking for further stimuli, challenges and goals. I am here to show you good sides of an active lifestyle and constantly motivate you to change and create a better version of yourself every day. I approach each client in an individual and holistic way.
I am an ambassador of the PUMA brand and trainer for Men's Health.

Schools, courses, trainings that allow me to do my job at the highest level:

University of Physical Education Poznań - studies in Physical Education
Sport Event Manager
Fitness instructor and Strength Training, Association of Sport and Recreation
Kettlebell instructor, Polish Kettlebell and Fitness Association
Kettelbell training with the Hardstyle method - Pavel Tsatsouline
Olympic weightlifting training (olympic biathlon) with European Champion Joanna Łochowska
Training with the national team of seniors in gymnastics "Gymnastics in Crossfit"
Gymnastic workshops "Extraordinary Fitness" with the Olympian from London Roman Kulesza
Mobility Made to Move 2.0 training.
Bodyweight & Flexible Steel training

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