Marcin "Zeus" Reus is a unique character on the CF scene - an athlete who is always smiling, optimistic and positive attitude, who is also an outstanding strategist who carefully plans each repetition. Every day, he runs CNS Nowa Sól, combining his coaching work with his own preparations. More information can be found on Marcin's FaceBook profile.
It can boast of an impressive list of achievements:

1st place GARAGE GAMES 2018 kat.35 +
1st place Battle of POLAND 2018 cat. 35+
1st place Masters Throwdown 2018 cat. 35+
1st place LOGINLAB - FIWE 2017 cat. 35+
1st place BeStronger Competition for the SuperHuman 2017
1st place Battle Of Europe 2017 cat. 35+
1st place MEDIEVAL GAMES 2017 Ryn cat. 35+
1st place Reebok CrossFit Poznań RODEO vol. 6 cat. 35+
1st place German Throwdown 2016 cat. 35+
2nd place Amarok EAST SIDE Challenge 2016 cat. 35+
1st place LOGINLAB 2016 KROTOSZYN cat. 35+
2nd place CrossFit - 8K Attack vol.1 cat. Elite
1st place Amarok East Side Challenge 2015 cat. 35+
1st place ITO LED CrossGAMES 2015 cat. Elite
3rd place of the Cross Trec GAMES 2015 cat. Elite
1st place CROSS BALTIC Challenge 2015 cat. Open
2nd place Toughness Test Toruń 2014
1st place Adventure Cross Games 2014
2nd place Reebok Crossfit Poznań RODEO 2013 cat. Open
1st place Polish Fitness GAMES 2013

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