We launch a loyalty program for all registered customers - only works if you have an established account and you are logged in when shopping.

The program covers both retail and wholesale orders.

Each product in the shop has assigned a certain number of points that will be credited to your account after the order. Points accumulate in your accounts and you can use them as currency - just select the POINTS in the basket instead of the regular price. At the time of the conclusion, the appropriate points will be deducted from your pot.

Points are activated after payment of the order for which they were granted.
For points you can buy any product, but they can not pay for shipping.
Point paid products have no effect on freebies.

Special points (because we will be awarded for special merits and promotions) will have an expiry date - as a standard 30 days - the validity date of points can be sprinkled under the tab YOUR ACCOUNT.

For calmness and clarity - it's not a petrol station, you will not have to spend years on a shaker;) The number of points you receive for each order will be included in the order's e-mail, which you receive at the end of the order process.

If you do not see in your account the points that should be there execute the LOGIN and LOGIN again - it should help;)
We hope you stay with us and use this program on max :)

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