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WPC, WPI, WPH or Casein maybe? 2018-10-12 11:54

How is it with these protein supplements, and what you should know before buying.

Though it may sound strange in my mouth, first of all you need to remember that even the best protein supplement can not replace wholesome protein obtained from food. So if you have the opportunity to ensure the proper supply of protein from the diet, do it without hesitation. However, if your training plan is similar to Hercules' work schedule, and the work and additional activities do not allow you to become a follower of the slow food school, a good protein supplement can save your heart and progress.
What does a good conditioner mean? I will not pee here in honor of our products - good proteins you will find in the offer of many companies - writing "good" I mean one that will meet the expectations that you place in it and help you achieve your goals. I know that sometimes you can get lost in terminology - hence this article - just a short download about the types of protein constituting the protein nutrients:

WPC (from Whey Protein Concentrate) is a whey protein concentrate, most often obtained by micro- and ultrafiltration. These types of products usually contain up to 85% of protein, which contains a lot of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). The rest are fats and sugars (including lactose). These additives make them have the best taste among protein preparations. In addition, they are the cheapest. They are characterized by the longest absorption time, which is from two to four hours. A typical example of such a product is ours
Features of WPC preparations:
digestion time: 2-4 hours
digestibility: good
Price: relatively low
protein content: 80-86%
the right time for consumption: during the day / before training
Advantages of WPC: relatively low price compared to the quality of good anabolic effect good taste and solubility good protein for the general supplementation of the diet
WPC defects: absorption time up to 4 hours, depending on the digestive capacity, the presence of additional fats and sugars in the composition is not suitable after training and in the morning due to the time of digestion.
The perfect choice to supplement your diet with protein and make yourself an additional culinary pleasure without ruining your budget.

WPI or Isolate (Whey Protein Isolate). Similarly to concentrates, microfiltration (precisely microfiltration in cross flow, CMF) is obtained. Such an accurate purification process makes these preparations contain up to 95% of protein, including even more essential amino acids than concentrates. The minimum content of fats and sugars is important (up to 3%). This composition makes them very quickly (up to an hour) absorbed by the body and can be successfully used as a post-workout source of protein. They are much more expensive than WPC preparations, they also have a worse taste. What is important, however, is the almost complete lack of sugars, which makes them excellent preparations for people with lactose intolerance.

Features of the WPI preparations:
pickling time: 0.5-1h
digestibility: very good
Price: average
protein content: approx. 95%
the right time for consumption: in the morning, before and after training
Advantages of WPI: excellent absorbability, great anabolic effect, excellent solubility, perfect protein for quick regeneration after training and in the morning, high protein content without unnecessary substances
WPI defects: high price, worse taste than WPC
A great choice if you have a wealthy wallet and you are able to experience a slightly weaker taste in favor of absorption speed.

WPH or Hydrolysates (from Whey Protein Hydrolyzate). As the name suggests, they are obtained by hydrolysis of long peptides for shorter, even better absorbed ones. The absorption of protein from these preparations is almost immediate. Hydrolyzates are suitable for people with lactose intolerance, because they contain up to 100% protein. They are also characterized by excellent solubility. As you can guess, they are unfortunately the most expensive.

Features of WPH preparations:
pickling time: 0.2-0.5 h
digestibility: great
Price: high
protein content: up to 100%
the right time for consumption: in the morning, before and after training or during
Advantages of WPH: the best absorbability and digestibility, great anabolic effect, excellent solubility, the best protein for fast regeneration after training and in the morning, suitable for allergy sufferers and people with digestive problems
Disadvantages WPH: high price, unsuitable for use as a meal replacement
Supposedly perfect, but it has a fairly solid minus - the real pure WPH has a quite strong bitter taste, which is hard to cover with aromas. The difference between WPI and WPH as the only source of additional protein will not be significantly perceptible.

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