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Anyone who has been through our warm-up knows that it feels like a workout at first! We practice basic body weight movements, do some light dynamic and static stretching, and work on core skills. If you are not adequately warmed up for your workout, you not only sacrifice performance, but put yourself at risk for injury. What constitutes a good warm-up? A good warm-up will:

  • Increase body temperature and heart rate
  • Put muscles through their entire range of motion
  • Stimulate the entire body and major bio mechanical functions
  • Help you practice and perfect basic movements
  • Prepare you (and your nervous system) for intense exercise

Our warm-up does all of that...and more! The foundation of our warm-up consists of exercises which serve as building blocks for more complex movements. Improve at the exercises in the warm-up, and you will improve at everything else! We begin with either a 400m Run, 500m Row, or 2 minutes of jump rope. This will elevate your core body temperature and start getting your muscles ready to move! Next, we move to some hip mobility from K-Star. And then complete a series of movements to work on skill and technique:

Good Morning
Wall Squat
Kipping Swing
Ring Dip

We go through each of the above exercises, performing 10 perfect reps of each. The warm-up is the time to focus on absolutely perfect technique. It is also the time to focus on increasing your capacity at each movement. The warm-up is your opportunity to learn the kipping pull-up, get off the bands, gain stability on the rings, and try full push-ups versus modified ones.
After going through the core exercises, we use the remaining time to work on skills or mobility for each individual. This may mean working on shoulder flexibility, or doing a gymnastics movement like muscle-up progressions or handstands. Work towards one of your goals, or just have fun with it!

The last part of our warm-up is to prepare you for the specific demands of the Workout of the Day. The coach will lead you through a mobility drill specific to the workout of the day. The coach will also review all of the movements that you'll be doing that day. If there are barbell movements in the WOD, we'll grab a PVC pipe or light barbell for review. If there are other complex movements, we'll go over the details of technique. We use this time to make sure the workout is scaled properly for each individual and that everyone is familiar with the movement patterns and requirements of each exercise.

A proper warm-up is essential to feel great and stay safe in the workouts. Take advantage of the time spent warming up. Instead of just going through the motions, really focus on improving technique. You can tell how quickly someone is going to get their first pull-up, or ring dip, or improve their Fran time, just by watching the amount of effort and focus they put in their warm-up.

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