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Ze względu na zmiany organizacyjne przyjmowanie zamówień zostaje wstrzymane do odwołania.
W sprawie wysyłki już zamówionego towaru będziemy się kontaktować indywidulanie.

Are you a coach? An active competitor? A fan of sports and dieting or an author of a blog? Your Instagram account has thousands of followers and your Facebook profile is full of unique content? Come and work with us! Your passion and knowledge will get you our support and will be beneficial to you and your fans!

What do we have to offer? Supplements, discounts for your customers, friends and fans as well as ads on our websites and everlasting fame thanks to sharing your original content:)

It’s very simple – all you need to do is register as one of our Partners. You’ll receive a unique referral code that will let us identify orders made thanks to your recommendations or posts on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll make sure that both you and the people you refer to us, benefit from it.

If we use one of your articles, pictures or meal recipes – you’ll receive bonus points on our store that you can exchange for one of our products.

There’s as many possibilities as there are ideas that you may have - each partnership offer is prepared individually, so that everyone gets maximum benefit!

Being a box owner is quite a challenge! But you know more about that than we do. We’d love to help! While we won’t be able to take over your responsibilities, we’re able to offer you a nice and hassle-free partnership as well as adding the best available CrossFit-dedicated supplements to your offer.

For that purpose, we’ve prepared a few cooperation models to suit different needs:

- A classic one – reselling our products. Don’t worry, we will not require you to immediately make large investments – regardless of how big they are, our partners’ orders are processed at wholesale prices making sure that both sides are happy:) After a few weeks, you’ll know what your customers like and then we’ll adjust the offer to suit your needs by creating deals for selected products. It is also not without significance that we’ll add samples or Amarok merch to each one of your orders.

- Drop Shipping – an option for those who like to play it safe;) While you do not have the product in your store, after registering as one of our Partners you’ll be able to place orders based on your customers’ requests and we’ll deliver them directly, or through your Box. The parcel arrives in 24 hours making everyone happy – your customer, you and us. And you will still benefit from every order.

- Partner Box – doesn’t require any investments, but keep in mind that the profit is also lower. You’ll receive a referral code to share with your customers, which will allow them to purchase our products on better terms. The code will also let us identify these orders and make sure you benefit from them as well.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can count on us – your Box will be listed on our website, we can create specifically designed ads, support you in organizing events as well as offer discounts for your coaching team.

But don’t take only our word for it. Let these opinions assure you of how easy it is to work with us:

"CrossFit Bialystok have been working with Amarok Nutrition since the very beginning. We 100% identify with their products as well as the philosophy of the company with a wolf for its logo. Each of the projects that we’ve worked on together made us develop a cemented trust. Therefore we can - without hesitation – recommend AN and say that, in our opinion, their products are number one!” – Michal Zalewski, Head Coach CrossFit Bialystok

"Amarok’s products speak for themselves. Their offers are constantly being worked on, to meet the needs of all the people involved in sports. And we appreciate that. When it comes to working together – you could not imagine a better partner. Everything is done in a professional manner, without any issues, on time and - on top of that - in a very nice and friendly atmosphere. Keep it that way, please!” – Marcin Bilinski, Head Coach CrossFit Gdynia

"Apart from classes, in CrossFit Z16 we also act as nutrition consultants, therefore choosing a brand that would suit us best had to be thought-through. We care about high quality and a wide spectrum of products to choose from as we need to be able to find supplements based on a variety of needs, such as: training CrossFit, martial arts, endurance sports as well as diet therapy and weight-loss. After a few years of working together, I can – with full responsibility – say that the decision to choose Amarok Nutrition was 100% right! And I also have to say that they ship orders very fast + the contact is great – straight to the point and always in a very positive atmosphere:)” – Michal Ziajko, Head Coach, the owner of CrossFit Z16

„We’ve been working with Amarok almost since the beginning. Excellent products for very good prices. Supplements of a high quality that taste really good – definitely worth recommending. The contact is very good and the delivery very fast - thanks to that, our collaboration runs smoothly and in a friendly atmosphere.WE LIKE IT” – Sebastian Szubski, Head Coach CB163 

Are you a supplements store owner? We’re aware of how hard it may be these days. Companies appearing only to disappear shortly after, extremely low prices online, rising costs of maintaining your store, and the constant need to offer a variety of choices to your clients.Adding Amarok Nutrition’s products into your offer will result in getting rid of all your worries regarding the difficulties mentioned above.

Amarok Nutrition has been on the market for over 4 years and we’re very proud of our products’ great reviews. We specialize in providing CrossFit - dedicated supplements and we are surely the most recognisable and recommended brand in this environment. 

Thanks to the fact that our products are sent directly from our warehouse – with no one in between – you don’t have to worry about prices going up and down or unfair competition. You can be sure of a reasonable profit and a stable pricing policy.

Your customers will surely appreciate you introducing supplements dedicated for their sport of preference, and we will provide you with an appropriate amount of merch added to your orders, to make sure you’re also satisfied with your choice.

All of our products go through sanitary inspections, which equals safety and your peace of mind.

If you’re afraid of having to spend a lot of money to be able to add our products to your offer, do not worry – we’ll process all your orders at a wholesale prices, even if you want to start withjust 1 unit- you need it, we provide it:)

We do not only sell products - our Partners and Customers receive real support. We actively participate in sports and marketing events - we appeared as Partners and Sponsors on some of the biggest competitions in the country, such as Amarok East Side Challenge, LogInLab, Garage Games or Medieval Games.

But we also support local events - every year, with great pleasure, we participate in about 100 local events - internal competition, gym challenges, presentations and training courses.

If you have a great idea for an event and are in need of a Partner who will provide additional support - let us know:) While it is possible that we won’t be able to appear on each event personally, we’re always able to support it remotely and promote it on our social-media pages.

We are also able to: give a presentation on supplementation, appear and let people try our products in a location chosen by you, provide prizes for your competitions - our only imitation is imagination ;)

There are plenty of ways to work with us and only one promise – we’ll do our absolute best to ensure that this decision will be one of the best ones you’ve made;) 


Clear and transparent terms of cooperation
Extensive loyalty system
Reasonable margins and additional benefits
Samples and gadgets for every order
Constant availability of goods
Support your events
Instant shipment

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